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Carl Bernhard Petersson
Carl Bernhard Petersson
  9 Jul 2020
Adolf Leonard Karlsen
Adolf Leonard Karlsen
  9 Jul 2020
S/S Salmo
S/S Salmo
  6 Jul 2020
Lene Jensen
Lene Jensen
  3 Jun 2020
Friedrich Eduward Neuman
Friedrich Eduward Neuman
  3 Jun 2020
Fort Buford
Fort Buford
Fort Buford was a United States Army Post at the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers in Dakota Territory, present day North Dakota, and the site of Sitting Bull's surrender in 1881.[1]

Detail of map "Dakota Territory", 1878, showing location of Fort Buford (ND) and Fort Buford Military Reservation, partly in North Dakota, partly in Montana
Company C, 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry, 3 officers, 80 enlisted men and 6 civilians commanded by Capt. (Brevet Lt. Col.) William G. Rankin, first established a camp on the site on June 15, 1866, with orders to build a post, the majority of which was built using adobe and cottonwood enclosed by a wooden stockade. The fort was named after the late Major General John Buford, a Union Army cavalry general during the American Civil War.  
  31 Mai 2020


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Beet topping Machine
Beet topping Machine
Patent søknad Karl Alf Joakim Andersen 1817.
Patent søknad
United States Patent Office
No 1266378
Patented 14. mai 1818 
  6 Jun 2020


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Hansdatter, Hilda Alette 
f. 14 April 1896  Norderhov, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Hansdatter, Lina 
f. 4 Des 1890  Norderhov, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Hansen, Nils Siegvart 
f. 5 Jul 1892  Norderhov, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Hansen, Oskar Hermann 
f. 31 Aug 1894  Norderhov, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Hunsdalen, Olaus Paulsen 
f. 1850  Ådal, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Nilsdatter, Petra Olava 
f. 28 Des 1850  Benterud, Skollerud, Ådal, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Olausdatter, Maren 
f. 17 Mai 1880  Ådal, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Olaussen, Martin 
f. 6 Jan 1884  Hundeide, Ådal, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Olaussen, Nils Peter 
f. 17 Jan 1878  Ådal, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020
Pedersen, Nils 
f. 22 Nov 1823  Sørgefoss, Norderhov, Ringerike, Buskerud  12 Jul 2020

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     I4877  Laila    12 Jul 2020
     I4905  Laila    12 Jul 2020
     I394  Gerd Andersson    12 Jul 2020
     I395  Elsa Andersson    12 Jul 2020
     I514  Kari Aslaksdatter Blekaberg    12 Jul 2020
     I5368  Ingeborg Borgersdatter    12 Jul 2020
     I4731  Anne Christophersdatter    12 Jul 2020
     I5938  Johanna Sophia Diurhuus    12 Jul 2020
     I5436  Magnhild Duus    12 Jul 2020
     I6318  Åsa Haraldsdatter    12 Jul 2020